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The following are the activities which Antardristi Nepal specialises in

  • Trauma counseling for the victims of rape incest
  • Community Outreach

Achievements : Since 2005 we are taking classes in school and communities to aware all the childrens and peoples from sexual abuse. Till the end of 2022, we have reached 105214 people. This is from 25 districts of Nepal and they are the direct beneficiaries.

More than, 230 cases have been seen and provided counseling to by Antardristi’s residential center.


Interaction programme between privileged and non-privileged children Antardristi Nepal arranged an interaction program with children from different categories. Children from different walks of life attended the programme. They were from orphanages, government schools (as child labour), private schools and some who received counseling at AN centre. All the Children enjoyed as well as learned from the diversity of backgrounds of the other children present. During the interaction they received a lecture from one of the police personnel on how the police work and how the police help work against violence. This type of interaction is very important for these children in a country with a caste system that they are not alone and not so different from other children in their country.

Ongoing Events

  • orientation class in schools and communities
  • Yoga every year in March
  • Silent Protect every year in April
  • Fundraising
  • Change Supports
  • Social audit


  • Guiding Light (2018 to till date)
  • B1G1 (April 2018 to till date)
  • Social tours (2005 till date)
  • Asia Foundation (2005- 2006)
  • Child Reach International (2009 to 2011)
  • Maryknoll (2013 till date)
  • Nobel House Foundation is supporting eight children for education and accommodations.
  • Danish Embassy (2014-2016)
  • Hands in Nepal (2019 till date)
  • Child Welfare Hetauda (2016 to 2019)
  • And many local and international individuals