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The following are the activities which Antardristi Nepal  specialises in

  • Trauma counseling for the victims of rape incest
  • Community Outreach

Achievements : Since 2005 we are taking classes in school and communities to aware all the childrens and peoples from sexual abuse. Till the end of 2012, we have reached 48, 653 people. This is from 25 districts of Nepal and they are the direct benificiaries.

More than, 150 cases have been seen and provided couseling to by Antardristi's residential center.

 Activities  (This is an ongoing program)

Interaction programme between privileged and non-privileged children Antardristi Nepal arranged an interaction program with children from different categories. Children from different walks of life attended the programme. They were from orphanages, government schools (as child labour), private schools and some who received counseling at AN centre. All the Children enjoyed as well as learned from the diversity of backgrounds of the other children present. During the interaction they received a lecture from one of the police personnel on how the police work and how the police help work against violence. This type of interaction is very important for these children in a country with a caste system that they are not alone and not so different from other children in their country.

  • Orientation classes in different colleges
  • Charity Show by Riders of the big group of Stunt

Vocational training:

In partnership with Jyoti vocational training ( Pokhara)  Antardristi children's are getting vocational training.

Nobal House Foundation is supporting eight children for education and accomodations.

Max Khatri is supporting hetauda center of Antardristi with the electronic stuffs and carpeting.

Danish Embassy is supporting Antardristi Nepal for the year 2014-2016.


Yoga For Antardristi

Yoga for Antardristi  was conducted in Patan Durbar Square on 19th March 2016 from 4pm . The objective of this event was the fund raising for giving 25 survivors of sexual abuse, health check-ups and sanitation package.

Two Days Teacher Training in Hetauda

On the date 25th and 26th February 2016, we conducted the teacher training at Hetauda. 25 teachers participated from different government schools. We introduction about Gender, what is child sexual abuse, types of sexual abuse, touching rules, who is offenders, group activities, showed the documentary Chori, Good boy, Komal, Online safety video, sister short movie, safe touch and unsafe touch, symptoms of sexual abuse, impact of sexual abuse, Legal part   by Police ( Meera Chaudhary ), Health part by Public Health, Counseling session by Vinita Adhikari.

Child Friendly Space(CFS)

Antardristi started CFS from 1st June 2015. The duration of this project is three months which is supported by Leger Foundation. CFS runs three days a week. Refreshment for the students, counseling, games and different other activities are carried out in CFS.

Yoga marathon

The yoga marathon, 108 sun-salutation was carried out in the dabali of Patan durbar square on 19th April 2015 from 4pm. Yoga marathon(YOGA4ANTARDRISTI) by the ETHICAL TRAVEL PORTAL was successfully done with the support of SOCIAL TOURS.

11th Anniversary of Antardristi Nepal

Antardristi celeberated its 11th anniversary in 10th september 2014 at office premises. The program was carried out along with the information regarding the works and the progressess carried out by antardristi and a hi-tea.


The grand finale of YOGA MARATHON(YOGA for ANTARDRISTI event) by the ETHICAL TRAVEL PORTAL was conducted in Patan Durbar Square on 10th April 2014 from 4pm to 7pm. The objective of this event was the fund raising for the wellness of children and safer house of antardristi. This event of the yoga in the open air successfully completed with the support of yoga instructor from YOGTARA, the neccessary arrangements for the yoga by the SOCIAL TOURS, PRANAMAYA and ISHA.
The yoga was conducted on the dabali of the patan durbar square from 4pm to 6pm and then kirtan from 6pm to 7pm by Ashish and the group.

10th Anniversary of Antardristi Nepal

Antardristi celeberated its 10th anniversary in 10th september 2013 at assumption church(hall). Certificates were distributed to all the antardristi members as token of appreciation. With the music, dance and drama performed by the antardrist childrens and volunteers the program was carried out along with the information regarding the works and the progressess carried out by antardristi.


SUMMER FEST 2070 organized by the Antardristi volunteers was held on 22nd june 2013 at Madan Smark school,pulchowk,lalitpur,Nepal. It was a fund raising event for sexually abused children. This event was managed by one of the volunteer of antardristi-nepal Shiwani Shah.
On this occasion, along with the food stall and face paint stall a lot of stage performances were carried out. The main attraction was the bike stunts performed by the UNIFIED RIDERS. The other performance in the event were from Ciney Gurung, Prashamsa RL Rana and Deepa Magar, Lalit School group, Lalit Band, Saurav Maharjan, The Stars Group, Sharmila Poudel , drama performace by the antardristi’s children, Swayambhu Suwal, Rajeev Sapkota, Pranav DSR, Sunil Singh Thakuri, Suraag Band, Damn risky business , Dhoon and In MC Anjana Shrestha and Heera Tamang.

Upcomming Events:

  • Fund raising program.