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15th Anniversary

Antardristi Nepal celeberated its 15th anniversary on 10th september 2017. The program was carried out at Mahendra Police Club, Bhrikutimandap.

Program started at 5 PM with the National Anthem and the opening was done by the Antardristi Nepal children by lighting up the diyo.The welcome speech was given by one of the board member Ms.pushpa lata bhattarai where as the progress of the organization was addressed by the board member Ms.Indira Thapa. The host for the program was Ms. Sita Ojha.

All the guests were welcomed with the organization's keyring, diary, brochure and pamphlets. At the entrance organization also introduced the "Mero jhola" which is the reusable sanitary napkins make at Antardristi Nepal. 

The program involved dancing, singing along with the drama related to child sexual abuse by the Antardristi Staffs and the Childrens of the safe house. The program was follwed by the dinner.


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